Killer Cravings (Maternal Instincts Mystery Series: Book Six) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two | Diana Orgain

Killer Cravings (Maternal Instincts Mystery Series: Book Six) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two

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From Killer Cravings 

Chapter Two 

Now that I was refreshed and ready to get going on my day,
I decided I needed to write up a to-do list, and it was a
mile long.

1. Call Galigani, fess up about missing the photo op
2. Get a photo of the creepy cheater leaving his gf’s place
3. Clean the kitchen because, ew
4. Pre-make tomorrow’s baby food
5. Call mom
6. Ask Kenny to watch Laurie tonight
7. Get snacks together for stakeout 2.0

And, that was just the beginning. I continued writing down what
all I had to do, and I started to grow discontent. There was no way I
was going to get it all done in one day, so I just put a star next to some
of the more urgent items.

As I studied my ever growing list my phone buzzed.

I grabbed it and saw that I had a text message from my best friend,
Paula. Must meet for lunch – have exciting news!!!! I knew it must be
truly exciting because Paula rarely used one exclamation point in her
texts let alone four.

“Sweet,” I said, but then frowned. I’d been having so many aver‐
sions to… everything. It was so strange. I hadn’t had this problem
with Laurie at all, but now I had to really watch what I ate. “Sounds
good,” I spoke as I typed the words. “Where?”

Lol – what can you eat?!?! Mexican?

Even more exclamation points.

She must be really eager to talk to me about something, I thought,

Definitely not Mexican,” I said as I typed.



That sub shop down the street from the salon?

“Yikes. Last time I threw up in their bathroom sink!” I typed,
shaking my head. The next text message came in.

You pick where, preggers.

I laughed and thought about my options for a moment. Food was
the biggest challenge of this pregnancy thus far. That and the carbon
monoxide poisoning I’d experienced last month. But that had been a
mild scare, and the baby and I were being monitored for potential side

Food, however, was an every hour need!

I held the phone at the ready to respond, but I couldn’t decide
what kind of food I wanted.

I was pretty sure I’d already had my sweet fix for the day, and then
I recalled a really awesome café that served the best baked chicken
and mushrooms – and suddenly, that new craving hit me like a ton of

“City Café, please!” I texted her, and she replied with a smiley face

“Meet me in 30 minutes,” she texted.

I was already dressed and pretty much ready to go, but I needed to
get Laurie out of her comfy house clothes and into something worthy
of City Café. The café had fancy French decor, so it wasn’t really a
sweatpants kind of place.


Although, my little girl was totally rocking those fluffy pink sweat‐
pants. I changed her into an outfit my mom had recently bought her: a
cutsie spring green dress and matching bow, complete with white
stockings and little pink flats. It was so cute it was almost painful. I
snapped a picture of her and sent it to both my mom and Jim.

Somehow, I managed to get Laurie into her carrier in record time,
and before long, I was out the door.

Once outside, I spotted our neighbor/nanny, Kenny, out in his
front yard. He was a seventeen-year-old musical prodigy, but today he
was a regular teenager hanging out in his front yard, sitting in an
Adirondack chair, ogling a blonde woman rushing down the street.

Kenny spotted Laurie and me and picked up his trombone and
blasted out an excited tune that Laurie matched with a squeal.

He laughed, then ran a hand through his spiky, today dyed pink
hair, and graced us with a wave.

Laurie kicked her feet in delight and strained in my arms to
reach him.

“My goodness, she’s excited to see you,” I said, trying not to be
offended by how happy he made her.

“How’d it go last night? Did you get your guy?” he asked.

I grunted. “Unfortunately, no. I missed the shot,” I said, and he
shook his head and tried to hide his smile.

“Shut up,” I said.

Kenny laughed openly. “Do you need some help on the stakeout?”

“You are not allowed to go with me. You’re more of a distraction
than a help,” I teased.

Laurie’s hand hooked onto Kenny’s shirt, and she pulled at him,
screeching to be held. He offered her his hand, and she wrapped her
fingers around it and yanked.

“Look at your pretty dress, little girl,” Kenny said. He turned to me
and said, “I can watch this Laurie, no problem. She looks like a little
dolly in this dress.”

“Thanks, Kenny,” I said, just as a svelte woman jogger in flashy
yoga pants turned our corner. Kenny immediately became distracted
and took the opportunity to hightail it out of there. “See you later,” I
said, unlocking my car.

I hooked the carrier into the car seat; I loved the convenience of
that thing. And, just like that, I was ready to go. I pulled out of the
driveway, only having to turn back around before getting out of the
neighborhood because I had left the diaper bag on the curb.

Kenny was standing in my driveway holding the bag, already
pulling out his phone to call me, by the time I pulled back up.

I laughed at myself, rolling down the window as Kenny passed the
bag to me. “Thanks,” I said. “I have pregnancy brain really bad this
time around.”

“Must be a boy,” Kenny said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I don’t know. You weren’t that way with Laurie. My mom always
said she had a harder time with me while she was pregnant than with
my older sister. And, my aunt always said the same thing about my
cousins too. I just figured it’s one of those old wives’ tales, but if that
baby you’re carrying turns out to be a boy, I’ll believe it. And you
puked in my mom’s flower garden the other day, remember? I don’t
recall you ever having such a hard time with Laurie.”

“That’s true,” I said, tucking the diaper bag away in my passenger
seat. “Well, it’s too early to know the sex just yet, but I’ll let you know
if your old wives’ tale proves true this time around.”

Kenny waved goodbye to me, chuckling at me for leaving the
diaper bag in my driveway. On my way to the café, I set my Bluetooth
to call Galigani. I wasn’t looking forward to this conversation in the
slightest. Honestly, I was hoping he wouldn’t answer so that I could
just leave a voicemail.

No such luck.

“Kate!” he boomed into the phone. “How did your sleuthing go last
night? Did you get our money shot?”

There was no way I was going to tell him exactly what happened.
Even though Galigani was a friend, he was still my boss, and I couldn’t
have him thinking the pregnancy was making me incompetent. “I
didn’t get the shot,” I said, disappointment rattling my voice.

“Don’t worry. It’s not easy,” Galigani said. “What happened? Did
the guy ever show?”




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