Killer Cravings (Maternal Instincts Mystery Series: Book Six) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two Continued | Diana Orgain

Killer Cravings (Maternal Instincts Mystery Series: Book Six) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two Continued

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Did you miss part one of Chapter Two?

From Killer Cravings 

Chapter Two Continued…

“He did,” I said, sighing. “Uh… I… I screwed up. I’m so sorry.”

He let out a deep breath. “Well, no problem. Not yet, at least. Our
client is leaving town for a couple of days to visit her mother. With
that sort of freedom, we’re bound to bust the guy hanging out with his
side chick. He’ll feel like there’s no way he’ll get caught with his wife
out of town, so you’re bound to get the shot this time.”

“Good,” I said. “I plan on doing another stakeout tonight.”

“Way to be dedicated,” he said. “Just keep me posted. You’re still
new at this, Kate. Don’t beat yourself up too much.”

“Thanks,” I said before we both hung up the phone.

I was still pretty upset with myself for screwing up the way I had.
I can’t let this pregnancy get the better of me!

When I’d been pregnant with Laurie, I’d felt like Superwoman. It
had been such an easy-going pregnancy – a few hiccups along the
way, of course, but nothing like this.

I need to be better prepared!

My goody bag for that night was going to have to be packed full of
everything I could possibly crave – including those delicious
brownies we still had tucked away in the fridge.

Now, just don’t forget the bag!

Before even pulling into the parking lot at the café, I was daydreaming
about lunch. My mouth watered, and my tummy rumbled. I was starving.

That was pretty much the way I felt with Laurie too. Always hungry.

At least that was something I had expected rather than all this
pregnancy brain and unbearable cravings. I spotted what looked like
my mom’s van in the parking lot and parked next to it. I gazed out the
passenger side window and saw the pink fuzzy dice hanging from her
rearview mirror.

I smiled, thinking it was just a fun coincidence that my mom had
chosen this place for lunch today as well.

I unhooked the baby carrier from the car seat and plopped it onto
the stroller base, loving that convenience too, and pushed her toward
the quaint little French café. I swear, I could smell that baked chicken
and mushroom already. Someone else had ordered it, and my craving
heightened. “Yummy…” I said, and Laurie giggled.

Then I spotted my mom and Paula both sitting out on the patio
together. I grinned.

What are those two up to?

“Hey!” I called to them, changing the direction I was pushing
Laurie to meet them outside. Paula’s two kids were squirming next to
her. The baby propped in a car seat and Danny mesmerized by my
mom’s jangling bracelets. Paula was dressed in a pretty silk blouse
with a spring floral print on it. She was flushed from the exertion of
corralling the kids.

There was an empty chair waiting for me with space for the
stroller next to it. I plopped down, ready for that chicken. “Well, this is
a pleasant surprise, Mom. I didn’t know you were joining us.”

“Well, we both have something exciting to tell you,” my mom said,
practically shaking. She was dressed like a gypsy today. Not sure why,
but my mom always did something kind of random with her
wardrobe. She’s quite a character.

“Oh, both of you?” I asked, trying to figure out what sort of secret
Paula and my mother could possibly be sharing.

The waitress deposited a basket of breadsticks on the table, she
took my drink order, and I immediately ordered lunch too. I couldn’t
wait for that chicken and mushroom dish.

Paula handed Danny a bread stick, and Laurie pounded her fists
on the table, demanding attention.

“Yes, darling,” my mom said sweetly. “You too.” She handed Laurie
a soft breadstick, and drool ran down her chin.

Is my insatiable hunger rubbing off on her, I wondered, as I wiped my
own chin, hoping to find it dry.

Thankfully, I had not yet been reduced to a drooling fool, but I
feared if my food didn’t arrive soon, I was in trouble.


I turned to Paula and my mom. “Okay, ladies, so what’s the big
news?” I asked. “You got me feeling anxious!”

“You know Vicente’s play?” my mom asked, and I nodded.

How could I forget?

Vicente Domingo was another PI in San Francisco who’d snagged
one of my most prized clients—a high profile criminal defense
attorney—because they were first cousins.

Vicente was also a playwright, and after helping me out on a case a
couple of months ago, practically forced me to agree to a staged
reading of his play. But somehow I wiggled out of it, claiming, of
course, that I was too busy as a PI and full time mom to fuss with the

My mom had eagerly stepped in, and from what I gathered,
Vicente was quite smitten with my mom’s performance.

“Yeah, how’s it going?” I asked.

“Great!” she exclaimed. “But, Paula’s the one with the exciting
news on that front.”

“Oh?” I asked, looking at Paula.

“Your mom got me hired for designing the set!” Paula shrieked,
and I squealed excitedly for her. Paula was an interior designer by
trade, but she’d had to sit out of the business for a bit during her preg‐
nancies and while living abroad due to her husband’s job. Recently,
she’d been slowly rebuilding her clientele.

She was doing well for a startup, but it was still just a startup – so
any job booking was something to celebrate.

“You guys, that’s awesome!” I said. “Congratulations, Paula!”

“The set looks amazing,” Mom said, winking. “Although, it’s still a
work in progress, but I can see Paula’s vision coming to life, and it’s

“They are putting the final touches on the set as we speak,” Paula
said. “When I left for lunch, they told me it should be just about done
by the time we get back. I was hoping you and your mom wanted to
get a sneak peek of my work after lunch today?”

“Absolutely!” I said. “I am so happy for you, Paula!”

“A lot of people are going to see this play,” Paula said. “The tickets
are already sold out, but don’t worry, I got you and Jim some tickets
so that you can come see your mom perform.”

“Already sold out?” I questioned. “We are talking about a play
written by Vicente, right?”

“Well, the concept sounds very exciting and intriguing,” my mom
said. “But the play itself is… well… silly. It’s not supposed to be, but
some of the one-liners are really corny. It’s supposed to be a drama,
but it comes off a little cheesy at times. Even melodramatic.”

“What’s the play about?” I asked just as the server arrived with my

Food. I wanted food.

Patience, Kate. Patience.

“A small-town PI who is supposed to be working on a cheating
husband case. Takes place in the Sierra Foothills. He winds up falling
for the client, and the two of them get together, and she mysteriously
dies. Then, the PI has to leave town and hide out in the big city,” her
mom said.

“That does sound very dramatic. But the lines are cheesy?” I

My mom then did a little southern drawl. “Oh, Vinnie, I just
wanna run away! I don’t wanna be here no more! No more, Vinnie!
Let’s just you and me go away together. Paint the town red. Spend a
lifetime out in the big city where none of these hillbilly folks can
bother us no more! Besides, I’m tired of listenin’ to all them crickets
chirping away every night. I’d rather go to sleep to the sound of your
breathing and the busy city outside my window!”

I nearly spit my water out. “Oh, please tell me that’s not really one
of your lines?”

“It is,” Paula said, smirking. “I had the pleasure of listening to
everyone run lines the other day while I was working on the set.”

“That’s hilarious,” I said, giggling. “Poor Vicente… wait… Vinnie…
is the character based on him?”

“I don’t think so,” my mom said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, he’s a nice guy and everything,
but he does love himself so,” Paula said, chuckling.

“I know what you mean,” I agreed.

Mom shrugged. “Well, maybe the character was inspired by himself
a little, but he’s told me the story is just a story. No truth to it.”
Interesting. Very interesting. Vicente Domingo has always been a
bit of a question mark to me. I’d been meaning to look into him a bit

Finally, our food arrived, and I couldn’t concentrate on much else
until I’d wolfed down the entire serving.




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