Top 5 Reasons I love my little guy. | Diana Orgain

Top 5 Reasons I love my little guy.

Why oh why are babies so irresistible? Don’t get me wrong – I love all my babies, no matter how old they are BUT my six month old is so darn cute. Were the other two this cute? (I’m sure they were because actually they all look alike.)

I was staring at the baby this morning and he is so happy and grabby, just wants to grab your face and, of course, all I want to do is study him. So there we are peacefully enjoying ourselves – no complaining, no talking back, no ‘I wants’.

Maybe that’s it – we love babies because they don’t talk back.

Top 5 Reasons I love my little guy:

1. He’s cute.

2. He doesn’t talk back.

3. I could be a hormone thing.

4. He loves me back (I can think that anyway).

5. He doesn’t care if all I do all day is stare at him.

Here’s a couple photos of my bundles of trouble – I’ll do a list for the other two soon.

Tommy and Bobby

Tommy and Bobby

Carmen surpervises bath time

Carmen surpervises bath time