Top 5 Favorite Things about Date Night | Diana Orgain

Top 5 Favorite Things about Date Night

I’d like to list “No Kids” five times and although that might be true, it would be a kind of like cheating – so here goes:

1. Time with Hubby (sort of a no-brainer as that is the whole point) but I have to list it.

2. No kids (of course, right up there with number 1).

3. Get to wear “grown up” shoes, becasue I won’t have to chase anyone unexpectly!

4. Can wear a “grown up” blouse or dress – because the only spit up I’ll have to worry about is my own!

5. I can bring a small tiny-teeny cocktail purse!  All I need is my phone – you know, so the babysitter can reach me and lipstick and maybe a little compact so I can put the lipstick on (although I usually use the bathroom mirror – but tonight we are going on a bay cruise) – oh – hey – here is a product idea for you – when are they going to make phones where the screen can light up as a mirror?  Hmmm.

Oh and I forgot I won’t miss the noise. I love just being with my husband and hanging out and being able to enjoy SILENCE!

What about you? What are you favorite things about date night?