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Last month I attended Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood’s Author Boot Camp.  Among the many things I learned the number one was how to make a great podcast.  Based on Scott’s recommendation I immediately ordered the Microtrack II recorder from Amazon, which arrived just a few days ago.

Now I am ready to read and record chapter one – in fact, I’m completely stoked about it. I can’t wait to try out the microphone and mess around with audacity the only problem is that the house needs to be quiet.

Quiet? How quiet? As in…silence? Yes.

Now, let’s be realistic. I work from home and I have three kids (under 5) uh…

You mean there can’t be anyone yelling, “mom!” in the background? As in no one yelling “stop touching me!” or saying “I’m hungry” ?  What about the sound of little feet chasing another pair of little feet in circles – really loudly – would that work as “background”?

As I’m writing this – here is what I can hear.

Top Five Sounds at my house right now:

1. My daughter is sharpening a pencil with an electronic sharper.

2. PBS kids is on while my two-year-old stomps to the music and talks to himself.

3. My husband is listening to the radio and typing furiously, so I can hear the tap, tap, tap on the computer.

4. My 5 month old is making little sucking noises with his pacifier.

5. My cell phone is ringing.

Full house, full of noise.  In fact, the only thing missing is my mom. She was supposed to come over today  – she is lots of fun – but very loud, of course, extremely loud. The level of noise goes way up around here even when all she does is ring the doorbell – the kids all run around and shout – except for the baby, who just kicks his feet in delight and makes his bouncy chair music chirp.

So what is the solution?

I’ve considered hiding out in my car with my portable microphone…but then will the recording sound like it was made in a car?

Take a listen and let me know what you think.



  1. Hey Diana,

    Sounds good to me! Did you record this in the car?
    I can’t hear any of those background noises. Even if you can, it seems like they’re out of the mic’s range. Oh, you did record from the car. Sounds good to me.
    I’d move back *just a little bit* from the mic.
    Then, right when you started talking about the book, you started recording somewhere different. What changed? The sound is very different. DIfferent car?

    You’re on the track!!

    Keep it going!



    (great job with the music!!)

    • Good ear Seth! Yes I did change locations – I think the first location worked best, right? That was my car. Later I reliazed the flash drive on my device was full and didn’t catch the end so I taped the rest at my desk – but I think there sounds like there a sligh echo or something on the second half – I think the car recording sounds better, don’t you?

  2. Hi Diana,

    I think you should made the podcast with all the sounds of your home in the background! After all, that’s the hook, isn’t it? Kate trying to think while all that is going on? Think of all the money you’re saving, not having to hire people to make appropriate noises.

    Congratulations on your great debut! I’m looking forward to being on many more panels with you!

    Camille/Margaret Grace

    • Camille, that is so funny! I taped my baby cooing last night I’d like to use a bit on it on the next podcast.

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