Murder as Sweet as Honey (Cooking up Murder Mystery Series: Book Two) Sneak Peek – Chapter Three Continued | Diana Orgain

Murder as Sweet as Honey (Cooking up Murder Mystery Series: Book Two) Sneak Peek – Chapter Three Continued

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From Murder as Sweet as Honey 

Chapter Three Continued…


“Wha—” Her attention snapped to the salad bowl on the counter. A
certain white duck was beak-first in the romaine lettuce, looking
entirely too satisfied with herself. “Sunny!” she shrieked. “How did

But the answer presented itself immediately when she looked at
the window she’d left half-open. “Sunny, did you come in for more
blueberries and then decide to eat our salad?”

Leo nodded solemnly. “It appears that’s exactly what happened.
We can now refer this case to the district attorney.”

With a long hiss through her teeth, Vicki said, “Well, we can eat
stew? Or order takeout?”

Leo grabbed a spoon and sampled a bite of stew. “The stew will be
fine,” he declared. “Do you have biscuits or anything to go with it?”

“Mmm, I think I still have some frozen breadsticks we could
heat up.”


Ten minutes later, they sat down to a cobbled-together meal of
stew and breadsticks. An odd pairing, thought Vicki as she took her
first bite. But it works, somehow.

“So,” said Leo. “Grinding the herbs was actually kind of relaxing.
Do you need any help getting your things ready to sell at the festival?”

“I was hoping you’d ask,” said Vicki. “Would you be able to come
over Sunday and help me make a few things?”

“Sure.” Leo grabbed a breadstick. “Festival starts soon, doesn’t it?
I’m happy to help. Just don’t make me a guinea pig too often.” He
stuck his tongue out at her.

She swatted in his direction. Were they still in grade school? But
she couldn’t keep the grin off her face. “Thank you! I’m so excited!
Julia—the woman who hated us—was there today, too, and Kristen
still let us book a booth.”

“Oh?” He made a face. “I thought she wasn’t running it this year.”

With a shrug, Vicki said, “I guess she’s deputy chair now, instead of
chair? I’m not clear on the details, but it sounded like maybe her
stepdad went around her back and got her demoted so she’d have
more time to take care of her sick mom.”

Leo chewed on his breadstick and raised his eyebrows. “Really?
That’s weird.”



Vicki recounted the odd argument she’d seen and Kristen’s expla‐
nation. “Some people are just very insistent on getting their own way,
I guess.”

“I guess,” Leo said. “Oh, that reminds me of this absolutely bizarre
case I just finished wrapping up at the station.”

They spent the rest of dinner discussing Leo’s most recent case.

After he left, Vicki cleaned up the dishes and then went into the living
room to watch TV. Not that she paid much attention to the show—it
mostly hummed in the background as she jotted down ideas for the
booth on a yellow legal pad. Finally, after a couple hours, she nodded,
satisfied. Mona would have to approve the ideas, but Vicki was sure
they’d have a great booth. Her phone dinged with an alert. Someone
had placed an order on her online store! She skimmed the order. It
was for her sampler package—a small batch of each of her honeys.

Might as well pack that up. She boxed up the honey and addressed it
to the customer, then set it on the counter to take to the post office
the next day.

After mixing up one more batch of the newly perfected energizing
scrub and feeding Sunny, she decided to call it a night.

Just as she was turning out the light to go to bed, her phone rang.

It was Leo again.

Vicki furrowed her eyebrows. Why is he calling so late? She

“Did you hear what happened?” asked Leo.

Vicki sat up in bed, heart racing. “What’s wrong? Are you okay? Is
Mona okay?”

“Everyone you know is okay. Something happened at the park
today. Julia’s stepdad died under mysterious circumstances.”

He died? I just saw him! “Mysterious circumstances? What
happened?” asked Vicki, wide awake now.

“Someone pushed him off the bridge in the park—probably
around two o’clock, we’re guessing. There were signs of a struggle. We
have Julia’s brother in custody.”






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