Double Trouble (Maternal Instincts Mystery Series: Book Twelve) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two pt.2 | Diana Orgain

Double Trouble (Maternal Instincts Mystery Series: Book Twelve) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two pt.2

Did you miss Chapter One?

Did you miss Chapter Two part One?

From Double Trouble 

Chapter Two Continued…

By instinct, I leaned forward, covering Laurie, protecting her from the oncoming frosting missiles.

“Nooooooo!” my sweet husband called, lunging toward us, arms outstretched. He made contact with one of the cakes face-first, knocking it off course.

A light shower of pink crumbs rained down around me. A girl . . .

Then the second cake hit my head, rattling my skull.

Laurie’s whimpering sobs heightened to a shriek. I blinked, shaking off the cake, inspecting Laurie for injuries.

“Are you okay?” I asked in a soothing voice.

Much to my relief, Laurie was fine—a few flecks of frosting dotted her party dress, and one of her shoes was covered in pink crumbs, but she’d mostly avoided the disaster. My head pounded, and I reached up to touch my hair.

I was covered in cake.

I pulled my hand away, staring blankly at the white frosting and pink crumbs on my fingers.

Pink. Again.

Two pink cakes.

I blinked a few times, trying to process what had just happened.

“Two girls!” cried Jim.

I glanced from person to person. Jim was fist-pumping the air, a mask of cake coating his face and the front of his button-up shirt. Everyone else in the room was deathly silent and wide-eyed, every mouth covered by a hand.

I shifted Laurie onto my hip and reached up toward Jim. He leaned over and helped me to my feet. Laurie’s shrieks returned to soft whimpers, and she reached for her daddy with a choked sob.

“Are you all right, honey?” Jim asked in concern.

“I’m just fine,” I said, my hand drifting to my hair again. “A little bit of a headache, maybe. Are you all right?”

“I’m great!” he exclaimed. “We’re having baby girls!”

I looked around the living room at the explosion of pink. “You’re not disappointed that you’re not having a son?”

“Not in the least. This is going to save us so much money.” He fist-pumped the air and started chanting, “Hand-me-downs! Hand-me-downs!”

From the couch, my mom tittered, then burst into a fit of giggles. After a moment, Galigani followed suit, leaning forward with his face in his hands and chortling.


Then the whole party dissolved into laughter—everyone except Paula and her husband, whose faces had paled to the same shade as the vanilla frosting that now adorned my hair. David stood a few steps away from me, shaking. Paula was at his side, tears brimming in her eyes.

I grinned at them. “Well, this is certainly a gender reveal to remember!”

My mom crowed. “One we’ll never forget!”

I waddled a couple of steps toward Paula. “It’s a great party,” I said in a reassuring voice.

A tear streamed down Paula’s face. “I ruined it!” she cried. “I should have just gotten the cakes from the bakery at the grocery store, so we had them in place before the party started! We should never have tried to bring them in partway through, amid all the chaos.”

A pang seized my midsection, and I sucked in a gasp, lurched backward, and grabbed Jim’s arm.

“What is it?” Jim asked.

I let out a slow exhale, then carefully inhaled. Breathe through it.

Then the pang released me, and I let out a shaky laugh. “Just a Braxton Hicks contraction—I feel fine now.”

Jim studied me in concern, but I waved it away.

“They’re perfectly normal at this stage of pregnancy,” I assured him. “I’ve already had a few this week.”

I shuffled forward to grab Paula’s hand. “Don’t feel bad! You’re going to see how hysterical this was in a week!”

I gestured at the other partygoers. My brother-in-law had fallen to the floor laughing, and tears of mirth streamed down Rachelle’s face, smudging her mascara. She wiped the tears away, then broke into another fit of guffaws.

“See,” I added, “best party ever—the guests are having a great time.”

Paula managed a shaky smile. “I guess they are.”

“Now,” I said with a grin, “could you do us a favor and get Laurie changed into a new dress? Jim and I are both in dire need of a shower.”

Paula nodded mournfully. “Let me rake the worst of that cake off your head and into the trash. We don’t want to clog your drain.”




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