Confessions from a dummy | Diana Orgain

Confessions from a dummy

Okay, I’m feeling a bit technologically STUPID right now.  I have been behind in recording the next chapter installment of Bundle of Trouble for my website. (Many reasons/excuses) but today the house was quite…my husband was running errands, kindergartener in kindergarten, 2 year-old at grandma’s and 9 month-old (Yikes! yes, 9 months already) napping.

I grabbed my M-Audio Microtrack Recorder (Scott Sigler recommended and approved) and was ready to go!  Not only would I record the next chapter installment of Bundle of Trouble but also maybe a promo and the first chapter of Motherhood is Murder to post on my website.  I go to turn on the thing and the message says “Hold switch active” – which I read as “Hold switch to activate” so I keep holding the button and the message just stays the same. I try three different times and figure “Oh, the battery needs to recharge!”

I’m extremely disappointed – what with the house quite and tons of caffefine coursing throught my veins (I’m out of regular coffe – but I have expresso beans…and a machine…so why not make make a nice double latte. Ooooh but it’s so good – why not have two?)

I plug the M-Audio recorder into the computer and proceed to slash and hack my way through my to-do list.  Yippee!  Caffefine and quiet do work!  I’m emailing, posting, tweeting, updating and breathing – still breathing – and breasing my way through the morning.

My husband has returned with the kindergartener (now working on a sticker book) and baby is awake and pulling himself up on things. Still some semi-peace as the 2 year-old wrecking machine is still at grandma’s. I re-check my recorder – “Is that battery finally charged?”

Hummm? That message is still on display. Now I re-read the message again…Wait. Hold switch active.  Hold switch active?

The stupid lock thing is on. The battery is not dead at all. Only the locking mechanism was on…ah ya ya – now I feel like a really dummy!

Have you ever had a tech dumb moment?