Brewing Up Murder (An iWitch Mystery Series: Book Three) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two Continued | Diana Orgain

Brewing Up Murder (An iWitch Mystery Series: Book Three) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two Continued

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Did you miss part one Chapter Two?

From Brewing up Murder

Chapter Two Continued…

“I’m your mother, darling. Of course, I knew.” The woman again
reaches to scratch my head, but she can’t reach me from where she’s

I’m keeping my distance from the rat.

I hate rats.

“And yet, you’ve picked up a couple of animal companions, I see,”
her mother says. “Hey there, puppy dog, I’m Fiona. Nice to meet you.”

Fiona. Sounds like a witch name to me. “That’s Wanda,” Maeve
says. “And the bird is Damien.”

“Hmm … Emma is getting pretty old to be a witch’s companion. I
might need to find myself a new pet,” Fiona says, and Damien
abruptly stands upright and squawks. Fiona laughs. “I do like birds.
Why do you have a raven, Maeve?”

“Would you believe it stowed away in my car?”

Fiona laughs. “Feisty! I like it.” Fiona looks at me, and suddenly she
leans in close and stares me down like she’s studying me. “Interesting

“What?” Maeve asks.

“Your dog … there’s magick there,” she says.

I stand upright and wag my tail. Holy crap!

I love this woman!

This is just what I need – a witch who gets me.

If Fiona can figure me out, then that would bring me one step
closer to breaking this stupid curse. I bark, and Maeve smiles.

“Yeah, well … I did see her do this crazy bark thing once. Knocked
a woman clear off her feet. But, I wasn’t sure if it was Wanda or if
maybe it had been me working through Wanda, if that makes sense?”

“You’re not an animal drawn witch like me, sweetheart, you can’t
do that,” Fiona says. “For witches like me, who require animal
companions, certain animals are drawn to us. Rats, ravens, black
cats, certain dog breeds … though I’ve never seen a witch’s
companion quite like Wanda. Too … cute … but even if that dog is a
potential witch’s companion, I can’t imagine why she would be
following a witch around like you who pulls her magick from

“You got me,” Maeve says. “I even tried taking her to an animal
shelter, and she escaped and walked an hour back to my house. She’s
kind of become my buddy, though.”

“Something must be wrong,” Fiona says. “Maybe …” the woman
stands and comes over to me. She kneels down and starts petting me,
and then, this freak of nature sniffs me. What the heck? Woman, I
know I don’t smell good. I’m a dog for crying out loud!

“Huh,” Fiona says. “Maeve, I think this dog might be suffering from
some sort of curse.”

What! What! What! Yes!

I bark and lick her old lady face.

This is just the kind of break I need. Two months following Maeve
around, and all I really needed was Maeve’s mother. I knew I had felt
drawn to Wisteria Pines for a reason. If I hadn’t met Maeve, I would
have never found this glorious woman right here. Maybe Fiona is
going to be the key to breaking Selena’s spell.

“Cursed?” Maeve asks, rising from her seat. “You think someone
put a curse on my dog? Who would curse a dog?”

“I don’t know, but I can sense that something’s not quite right,”
Fiona says, petting me. “Maybe that’s why she latched onto you? I
can’t imagine there are a lot of witches in Wisteria Pines. You’re
probably the only one. She needs a witch to break her curse, and
the only one she could find was you.”

Yes, that is exactly what happened! You wonderful, wonderful woman!

Now, fix me!

“Well, can you help her?” Maeve asks.

Yes, can you?

“I don’t know,” Fiona says. “I don’t know what sort of curse the
dog is under. She seems fine, but I can certainly sense magick on her.
If we can find out who cursed her or what sort of curse it is, we can
try to find a way to break it.”

Yes, do that! Do it now!

“Poor Wanda,” Maeve says as Fiona stands up.

“I’m sure we’ll figure it out,” Fiona insists and waves her hand like
it’s nothing to worry about.

But, it is



This crap is time sensitive.

“So, Maeve,” Fiona says with a twirl, rapidly changing the subject.
“I was invited to a little soiree this evening. I want us to go together!”

“An LA party?” Maeve asks, as though this sounds like the worst
idea she’s ever heard. “I don’t know, Mom. Frank used to drag me to
those sorts of things all the time, and I never really cared for them.”

“Let me pitch it to you before you say no,” Fiona says with a grin.
Maeve groans. “Ugh, you’re pitching me a party. That is so LA. I
already know this is a bad idea.”

Maeve’s mom laughs, and wraps an arm over Maeve’s shoulder.

“It’s a party celebrating In the Kitchen with Massimo Esposito’s latest
successful season. And, the food there is expected to be positively

“I do like good food,” Maeve says with a grin. “But, I don’t have
anything fancy enough for a Hollywood glam party. I packed light for
the trip, you know?”

“Darling, when have you ever known your mother not to have an
ample supply of party attire on her person?” Fiona questions.

“You think you have something that will fit me?” Maeve asks.

“Oh, definitely not,” Fiona says. “But, that’s nothing a little magick
can’t fix. Oh, it’s so fun now that you know about the world of
magick! I can’t wait to show you this spell. So easy, and it makes
online shopping much less stressful not having to worry about acci‐
dentally buying the wrong size!”

Maeve smiles so hard, she practically glows. “A spell that makes
your clothes fit right? That’s an actual thing?”

“A simple spell, really,” Fiona says with a hand wave. “After I show
you that one, I’ll have to teach you how to swap colors on your garbs

“Who knew magick could help you become more fashionable?”

“Remember that stage performance of mine you went to in New
York when you were ten?” Fiona asks, and Maeve nods. “That quick
change in Act Two was done using a little spell my grandmother
taught me. You know how much I love fashion, my dear. If there’s
ever something magical you want to try involving clothing, just let me
know because I guarantee you I have a spell for it!”

The two women scurry off to pick out a dress for Maeve to wear
to this party, and I slump down on the kitchen floor.

I try not to get too bitter about them moving on from talking
about me so quickly.

This is a good step forward. Maeve knows I’m cursed now – even
if she doesn’t know how to fix it – and her mom is here, and she’s
obviously a much more advanced witch than Maeve.

“Chuck, isn’t this great?” Damien asks me from where he’s perched
on the counter. “Fiona might make me her animal companion!”

“I’m not dead yet, don’t even try it, bird-boy,” the old lady rat hisses
from the counter. The creepy looking thing walks toward Damien
with its skeletal looking tail swaying about.

I shiver. I really hate rats.

Aren’t rats a bad omen …?





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