A Witch Called Wanda (An iWitch Mystery Series: Book One) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two Continued | Diana Orgain

A Witch Called Wanda (An iWitch Mystery Series: Book One) Sneak Peek – Chapter Two Continued

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From A Witch Called Wanda

Chapter Two Continued


She’s gorgeous. A strawberry blonde with big eyes, dimples, and
perky breasts. In addition to being a looker, there is something oddly
familiar about her.

Perhaps she’s the one I need to find?

Sorry, Mr. Ether, but I’ve got a gal to catch!

The car is far ahead of me, but running on all fours does have its
advantages. Plus, its’ a small town, so even if I lose her, it’s not like it’s
going to be hard to find a purple Volkswagen. I don’t imagine there
are too many of those around here. It looks like every other person
here drives a truck, so this little beetle sticks out.

Luckily for me, Miss Looker doesn’t have far to go. She pulls up in
front of this abandoned building in this large parking lot. I keep my
distance for the time being, taking a moment to observe her. She’s
here meeting a friend, it seems. I watch as she interacts with her taller
companion and a young girl. After a moment, the three of them head
inside the empty building.

I strut across the parking lot and begin my investigation. I sniff
around her car, and a familiar scent tickles my nose.


There is magic here! Beautiful, wonderful magic! Perhaps this is
why I felt called to come this way? Is this stranger the one who can
help me? Maybe so. Time to make my move.

I head to the passenger’s side of the car and let out a gentle yelp.

The door unlocks and opens, and I’m able to climb in. The door closes
on its own, and I begin my waiting game. The witchy woman who did
this to me was kind enough to leave some traces of magic for me, but I
swear, it only works half the time.

I sigh. This is my life now. A dog that can turn a few heads with a
silly magic trick.

At least I got in the car. Now I’ll just have to see how the woman
reacts to it. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to communicate
with her.

I wait around for a while. I can’t imagine what they could possibly
be doing in an empty building for so long. At last, I see the door open,
and the two women and the young girl come pouring out into the
parking lot.

“I’m confused,” says Gorgeous as she looks at me from behind the
glass window of the car.

I try to look adorable; women love cute dogs, right? I wag my tail.

“I locked my car,” she says and then starts looking around the
parking lot.

No, honey, no one put me in here.

“Are you sure you locked it, Maeve?” the tall woman asks, looking
just as confused as Gorgeous, whose name is apparently Maeve.

“I think so …” she says as she opens the passenger’s side door. “All
right, come on out. Shoo!”

Well, that was not exactly the greeting I was hoping for.

Come on, man, look cute.

I perk up slightly and tilt my head–I let my tail pick up speed too. I
can see her fighting off a grin as she adds, “Go on, get!”

The other woman and the girl are both laughing. “What a funny
little fella,” the tall woman says. “Where did it come from?”
Hollywood, doll-face. That’s where.

“I have no idea. Do either of you recognize it?” Maeve, Miss
Gorgeous, asks.

“Never seen it before. Must have wandered into town. Someone’s
probably missing it.”

“Can we keep him?” the little one pipes up.

Um, no, sweetie, you can’t. Trying to go home with cutie over here.

“Your mother would kill me if I let you bring home a dog,” the tall
woman says with a slight huff in her voice. She looks at me with her
nose turned up a bit.

Okay, I get it. Believe me, you are not the only one who has informed me
I stink today.




“Actually, Penny, he is a she. It’s a girl,” Maeve says, as she attempts
to pull me out of the car.

Excuse me? I hop over into the driver’s seat to avoid her.

Baby doll, I’m a man. Why does everyone keep …?

I take a peek downstairs. Oh no … no she didn’t.

I’m a b— ! I’m a female hound! What happened? It’s bad enough

I’m a dog now, but she took my manhood! Oh, that witch. I’m going to
kill her. I swear.

“Can I name her?” the little girl squeals.

Please don’t.

Maeve is now crawling into the car, reaching for me, saying,

“Okay, pooch, you’ve got to go.”

Uh. No. I don’t.

I press myself up against the driver’s side window to avoid her.

Maeve sighs and says, “Sure, Penny,” as she climbs out of the car. She
heads around to the driver’s side to get at me. Kind of a waste of time
because I’m just going to hop into the passenger’s seat if she tries to
get me out of this car.

Sorry, toots, but I’m going home with you! You and your car reek of

“I like Wanda,” the girl says. “Can we call her Wanda?”

Wanda? Seriously? What kind of a name is that!

I’m not going by a woman’s name. It’s not happening, and there is
no way they’re going to let you name a dog Wanda, sweetie, so
you can—

“Wanda it is then,” Maeve says, and I whine softly. “All right,
Wanda, you have got to go. You’re shedding all over my car.” She flings
open the driver’s side door, and I bolt for the passenger’s seat. “You’ve
got to be kidding me. Gracie, help me out, would you?” she looks to
her friend for assistance, but her friend is hesitant.

“What are you going to do with her once you get her out? She’s
obviously lost.”

Yeah, Maeve! Listen to Gracie! Take me home with you! I’ll be a good boy
… girl … stupid witch.

“I don’t know. She must belong to someone?” Maeve says.

“It’s too fat to be a stray,” Gracie says. “Someone’s been feeding

I instinctively look at my gut.

Fat? Really?

If someone had called me fat back home, they would have lost
their job. I haven’t eaten in days until I got into town! Except that
pizza crust … ugh, my life.

“Is there a pound I can take her to?” Maeve asks.

A pound!

No sweetheart, now you’re talking nonsense.

I whine and whimper and Gracie says, “Nearest animal shelter is
about an hour’s drive—“

“Well … it’s too late for that today. Maybe I’ll keep her overnight
—”Maeve says, and I bark and wag my tail. I swear, that tail has a
mind of its own sometimes.

Maeve points a warning finger at me. “Don’t get too excited pup.
I’ll call the pound in the morning.”

I let out a mournful yelp, and doll face winces.

“Looks like Wanda wants to stay with you,” Gracie teases. “I bet
she’d be a cutie if she had a bath and got trimmed.”

Maeve holds up her hand. “I’m not in the market for a pet right
now. I don’t even know if my landlord will allow it.”

“Whatever you say,” Gracie says, “But I think you like her!”

Yes! You like me! I know you do.

Maeve climbs into her car, and shoos me over to the passenger’s

Looks like my luck has turned. Finally!

I found myself a witch to befriend. She’ll change me back, I know
she will!

I hope she has food at her house.

Soon we pull out of the parking lot and are on our way. I stumble
in the vehicle. I’ve never felt so lopsided in a car before. Maeve laughs
a little. “You all right there, Wanda?” she reaches over and touches my
head. I feel a slight shiver.

She really is gorgeous.

“Jeez, you do stink! I’m giving you a bath when we get to the
house,” she says.

Oh, beautiful, I am okay with you giving me a bath.

She stops in front of a convenience store and smiles at me. “Stay
here,” she says and rolls the window down for me. She hurries inside
and returns shortly with a large bag of dog food, dog treats, and dog

Dog food? No thanks.

We keep going down the road, eventually turning down a dirt road
not far from the Main Square. The homes are all on large lots, with a
little acreage, it seems–I really do feel like I’m in a movie–very Sweet
Home Alabama, though I know I’m only a six-day walk from LA.

She pulls up to the only house without tacky lawn ornaments, but
it has grass that’s knee high. “Come on, girl,” she calls, and I willingly
get out of the car and follow her up to the house.

“Straight to the bathroom with you, stinky,” she says.

I listen and look for a bathroom. I find it and sit patiently. She
raises a brow. “Smart dog.” Did you understand me?”

I yelp, and she laughs as she heads into the bathroom to turn on
the water.

Phase one of my plan is done.

Now I just have to figure out how to let her know I need her help.

And I really do need her help.




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