…Oh Dear – One month to go… | Diana Orgain

…Oh Dear – One month to go…

Last night a very good friend contacted me on Facebook and asked me, “One month until the book release, how can you stand it?”

Well, the truth is after giving birth three times and living through the 9th month I really have no problem waiting another month for the release of the book. At least my feet aren’t swollen along with all the other various horrendous symptoms.

It is nerve wracking though, wondering if you’ve done enough to promote your debut. I started with a huge list of things, a million ideas and, of course, those who know me well will not be surprised to hear that I had a project plan. But with the sequel due to the publisher, a five-year-old, a two-year-old and a newborn I quickly had to make realistic decisions about what I’d be able to do and not do to get the word out about Bundle of Trouble.

After all, how realistic would it be for me to travel across the country promoting my book? I had to be selective. I choose BlogHer 2009 conference and Bouchercon 2009. Two well attended conference that will be tons of fun and a needed break from the demands of home life.

Last night I confessed to my husband that I was worried about having done enough to promote the book. His reply, “It’s the sum of everything you’ve done up to now.”

That made me feel better.

Yes! It wasn’t just a conversation here and a booked conference there – maybe all those actions could add up to create a ‘buzz’.

Then my darling husband finished with, “It’s the sum of everything you’ve done minus everything you haven’t done.”