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“A massive thank you to Diana Orgain for her amazing editing skills. She has really upped my game!”

–Kirsten Weiss, Author of The Infernal Detective

“I had been working on my project for about nine months so in a way it really was my “baby”. What started out as a white paper, grew into a manuscript. It was a fantastic experience but led to the inevitable “Now what?” moment. I turned to Diana at the suggestion of a colleague and hired her to edit my work and provide guidance for moving forward. She was a joy to work with. She went through my manuscript, gave me great advice on making it flow more readably, and set me on a course to get ultimately published. I highly recommend Diana to any writer, at any stage in their process. Her skill and experience gave me the confidence to keep working toward my ultimate goal.”

–Jon Kagan, Registered Principal
Certified Financial Planner®
Raymond James Financial Services, Inc


Diana offers private Manuscript Consulting and Editing services. She works with writers in various stages of the process from Chapter One to Manuscript Submission.

Beginning with an estimate of time and cost, she may accept for evaluation entire manuscript drafts of any length or genre and will also read chapters of work in progress. She gives detailed, clear, chapter-by-chapter feedback as well as an overall critique of the work. If applicable, Diana can help the author through the process of preparing query letters and submissions to agents or editors.

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