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Publisher’s Weekly calls Bundle of Trouble a “charming debut thriller!”  Click here to read the rest of this review.

“A straightforward whodunit … chick lit meets noir in Diana Orgain’s fun mystery,” says The Mystery Gazette, click here to read the rest of this review.

Listology readers call Bundle of Trouble “an excellent female sleuth novel with lots of humor!”  To read more, click here.

Diana Orgain’s “Bundle of Trouble” is a stellar debut.  Narrator/new mom Kate Connolly is coping with a newborn when she is drawn into a murder investigation of the owner of a stylish San Francisco eatery.  At first, Kate is simply trying to clear her ne’er-do-well brother-in-law, who worked at the restaurant.  Her investigation takes her from San Francisco’s meanest streets to its tony mansions.  Deftly plotted with a winning protagonist and a glorious San Francisco setting, “Bundle of Trouble” is a page-turning read.  We will be hearing much more from this talented newcomer.  Highly recommended.”

—Sheldon Siegel,  New York Times bestselling author of Judgment Day

“Cigars all around, to celebrate the arrival of Diana Orgain’s “Bundle of Trouble”! Orgain’s protagonist, Kate Connolly, is a charming, gutsy, wry character who will make you laugh so hard you’ll forget the labor pains. Bundle of Trouble is a natural born winner.”

—Louise Ure, Shamus Award Winner of FORCING AMARYLLIS and

“Only Kate Connelly, the wry and feisty investigator could juggle, as she herself notes, “One infant, three murders, a jailed husband and a new career”-and do it all on no sleep, and with panache. Anyone who’s been a mother or had one will welcome the arrival of this entertaining new sleuth.”

—Gillian Roberts, author of the Amanda Pepper series

“Kate Connolly has a right to be stressed out – she has a newborn to feed, a boss who can’t wait for Kate’s maternity leave to end, and a wayward brother-in-law to keep track of. She doesn’t need a couple of murders on the side. Still, she manages to keep it all together, to use her maternal instincts to solve the murders, and even give birth to her own detective agency.
You’ll love keeping up with this amazing mother and sleuth in the fun, fast-paced “Bundle of Trouble.” “

—Camille Minichino, author of the miniature mystery series

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