Reading Guide
Discussion questions for readers, reading groups, and librarians:

1. If you are a mom, what parts of Bundle of Trouble rang true? What “mommy-isms” were deja vu for you?

2. What character in Bundle of Trouble was your favorite? What character would you like to see more of?

3. Kate’s desire to stay home with Laurie seemed to be stronger than her desire for a secure future, i.e. her physical safety and financial security. How far would you go to stay home with your newborn?

4. Have you ever been in the position of wanting to leave a job to pursue a dream? Did you take the risk?

5. Are you, like Kate, a list maker? Does list making give you a sense of accomplishment or make you feel worse about yourself when you can’t complete it?

6. Kate finds herself in the position of having to lie. When, if ever, is lying okay?

7. If Bundle of Trouble was movie or television series, what actors would you choose for the characters?

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